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Health & Safety

In light of the current issues with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the membership organisations in the sport of golf – BIGGA, GCMA and PGA – with support from The R&A have compiled guidance to golf clubs in order for them to prepare for direct impact by the virus.

Download a copy of this advice here

This guidance is intended to prompt those golf clubs that do not have a disaster recovery plan in place to consider the potential impact of the virus and plan accordingly. The guidance is aimed at the entire golf facility, but naturally our focus is on the greenkeepers and golf course. Please give consideration to how you will react if you or one of your colleagues contracts the virus or is exposed to someone who has it. 

The XACT Link

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GTC Chairman Alistair Booth said: “The aim of the newly-published guidance notes has been to give anyone at a golf club, or associated with a golf club, an overview of their roles and responsibilities towards health and safety and best practice. They have been moved to a web-based platform, making them easier for everyone to access.

 “With increasingly-complex machinery and other tools being used on golf courses, these guidelines are hugely important in ensuring all involved in the management of a golf club understand their specific responsibility in keeping staff and golfers safe. As such, if these new guidelines are followed correctly, they could save lives or at least reduce the risk of serious incidents taking place around the golf course environment.”

The web-based platform is packed full of information and guidance on all aspects of golf course management and maintenance, covering areas such as: roles and responsibilities; legislation; greenkeeping safety; events; clubhouse management; establishing a health and safety management system.

Health and Safety in Golf Course Management and Maintenance Guidance

The GTC, in association with Xact Group, have updated the booklet Health and Safety in Golf Course Management and Maintenance and employers and employees can now access all the latest guidance via the GTC website using the XACT link on this page.

In 2017, the GTC’s Board of Directors commissioned a review of the highly-acclaimed Health and Safety Guidance Notes and the committee is pleased to announce the release of the updated guidelines. 

The GTC first worked together with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in 1994 to produce the first edition of the Health and Safety in Golf Course Management and Maintenance booklet. By 2000, the health and safety consultants to the GTC, Jon Allbutt and John Davies, were commissioned to review the materials, in line with the many changes in legislation that were happening at that time. 

While much of the guidance and best practice was still relevant, the GTC felt it appropriate to review and update and refresh the look and accessibility of the guidance notes. 

The GTC consulted with Chris Hammond, health and safety director at The Xact Group, to build on what has been produced before and help to design and implement a web-based platform. The Xact Group work with BIGGA, England Golf, Scottish Golf and Wales Golf in the build and support of their health and safety online systems and provision of additional onsite health and safety and human resources services to member clubs. 

GTC Health and Safety Wallchart


The GTC Work Equipment – Record of Training and Competence wallchart is now very much a feature in all Greenkeeping Maintenance Facilities showing instant references to staff competencies in relation to machinery/equipment.  This has been kindly sponsored by Ransomes Jacobsen – Cutting Edge Training.

The purpose of the wallchart is to assist with the important task of accurately recording staff training and competence.  The need for this cannot be overstated.

There may be a time when the golf club will be required to prove that a person has been adequately trained and is competent to carry out their duties in a safe manner.  Detailed individual records should be kept of all training and assessment activities and this wallchart compliments those training records by showing, at a glance, the equipment and machines each member of the greenkeeping team are competent to use.

The wallchart is available to purchase via the GTC shop at £15.

Health and Safety wallchart (Work Equipment and Training Competence - Machines)

The wallchart is available to purchase via the GTC shop at £15.

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