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The All-Party Parliamentary Golf Group has the singular goal “to support the sport of golf.”  Members of both Houses of Parliament, and Associate Members, meet in Westminster when Parliament is sitting to raise, discuss, and resolve issues important to golf.

The Group receives no taxpayer funding and is reliant on subscriptions from external partners to help deliver its aims.

Parliamentary Golf Group elects Officers for 2018/19

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Golf this afternoon (Wednesday 5 September) held its Annual General Meeting, and elected Officers for 2018/19.

The Group comprises Members of both Houses of Parliament, as well as non-Parliamentarians, clubs and other and organisations, exists to support the sport of golf at all levels by promoting the good work that is done in the game in Westminster and across the United Kingdom.

At the meeting, the following Officers were elected:

  • Co-Chair and Registered Contact: Craig Tracey MP (North Warwickshire)
  • Co-Chair: Stephen Gethins MP (North East Fife)
  • Vice-Chair: Rt Hon Dame Cheryl Gillan MP (Chesham and Amersham)
  • Vice-Chair: Baroness Nye of Lambeth
  • Vice-Chair: Gavin Newlands MP (Paisley and Renfrewshire North)
  • Vice-Chair: Laurence Robertson MP (Tewksbury)
  • Vice-Chair: Lord Moynihan
  • Vice-Chair: John Mann MP (Bassetlaw)
  • Vice-Chair: Lord Robertson of Port Ellen

MR Sport remains as Secretariat to the Group.

Speaking after the meeting Group Co-Chair and Member of Parliament for North Warwickshire, Craig Tracey MP, said “the All-Party Parliamentary Golf Group will continue to promote golf in Westminster, our local communities, and across the United Kingdom.

“In the last year we have been able to support the game and industry on a wide range of issues, and the Group will continue to support the sport wherever it can.

Member of Parliament for North East Fife and Group Co-Chair Stephen Gethins MP added “golf is a fantastic sport that makes a significant economic contribution to the United Kingdom economy, and also delivers a range of health and social benefits to participants.

“I look forward to working with Officers, Members of the House of Commons and House of Lords, and stakeholders from across the world of golf to promote the good work done in the sport, and continue to provide a strong voice for golf in Parliament.”


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