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The Ohio State University

To whom it may concern:

Because the economy is picking up here in America we have many more excellent opportunities at great courses for your members who are between the ages of 19 and 28 to strengthen their CV and bring excellent experience back to GB&I. They could do six months during their slow season from October to April if necessary or twelve months to get a full all-round experience.

We help the applicants get the correct visa, and a great golf course. We are here for them during the entire time while they are training, for advice and direction.

We also encourage them to attend the Golf Industry Show, which will allow them to network with some of the best Supers in America and from around the world.

Past interns and trainees have returned to their home countries with more confidence as the goal of this program is to better the turf industry and encourage them to join their association and give back to the Turf Profession in their home Country.

If you can share the attached Brochure with your members who are interested, we would really appreciate it.

If anyone is interested, I’m happy to chat with them and explain the process, the costs and the benefits.

We are especially interested in seeing more females in the Profession.

Syngenta are working with us to encourage any females who are interested in the program.

Warm Regards,

Mike O’Keeffe


Program Manager – The Ohio Program

& Alternate Responsible Officer – The U.S. Department of State

Suite 111, 921 Chatham Lane

Columbus Ohio 43221 – 2418 USA

Whatsapp +16146207720

Facebook: Mike O’Keeffe

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