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Golf Course Greenkeeper

A fully trained, qualified Golf Course Greenkeeper must be competent in the following:

  • Monitor and maintain health, safety and security in the workplace
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Maintain good standards of health and safety for self and others
  • Communicating effectively
  • Dealing with disagreements/conflict
  • Keeping management informed
  • Understanding their roles and responsibilities
  • Switching and brushing
  • A range of mowing
  • Scarifying/grooming/verti-cutting turf
  • Aerating turf
  • Applying fertiliser/turf conditioner
  • Applying top dressing
  • Repairing divots
  • Irrigating turf
  • Identifying and controlling weeds, pests, turf diseases and disorders
  • Preparing ground to establish turf
  • Establishing turf
  • Identifying grasses on the golf course
  • Marking of hazards, out of bounds and ground under repair
  • Moving tee markers
  • Maintaining bunkers
  • Maintaining golf course furniture
  • Changing holes
  • Rolling turf
  • Driving a tractor with implements
  • Undertaking routine machine maintenance
  • Preparing machinery for use
  • Preparing machinery for storage
  • Measuring green speed and interpreting the results
  • The rules of golf relating to golf course maintenance
  • Preparing ground to establish plants on the golf course
  • Establishing plants on the golf course
  • Maintaining trees and shrubs on the golf course
  • Identifying plants on the golf course

NOTE:  All of the above tasks must be carried out in a manner that minimises environmental damage.

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